About Us

Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) or The Centre for Education and Consciousness Public Trust, was established in 2000 as a citizens’ response to multiple crises in education. With humble beginnings in Lahore, Pakistan, ITA has expanded programs in service delivery, capacity building, research and advocacy across the country and now has more than 20 offices. It is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy and is an approved Non Profit Organisation under section 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance (2001).

ITA’s vision is “To promote education as a comprehensive process for human and social transformation.” Its Mission is:

“To actively pursue universal access and standard setting in education as a comprehensive learning experience for human evolution and consciousness by creating contemporary education systems for all children without discrimination due to gender, class, age, religion, color and ethnicity and, endeavoring to address educational bottlenecks through timely resource mobilization and influencing of public policy.”

In just half a century, the University of Waterloo, located at the heart of Canada’s technology hub, has become a leading comprehensive university with more than 36,000 full- and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Consistently ranked Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo is home to advanced research and teaching in science and engineering, mathematics and computer science, health, environment, arts and social sciences. From quantum computing and nanotechnology to clinical psychology and health sciences research, Waterloo brings ideas and brilliant minds together, inspiring innovations with real impact today and in the future.

As home to the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program, Waterloo embraces its connections to the world and encourages enterprising partnerships in learning, research, and commercialization. With campuses and education centres on four continents, and academic partnerships spanning the globe, Waterloo is shaping the future of the planet.

This website has been created and is developed and maintained by Masters students at the university as part of their studies. Since 2016, students in the courses MSci 651, International Project Management and BE 605, Project Management have collected the links for the site and undertake its further development and maintenance.