Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and the answers provided will help you in your use of the Technology Enabled Education Resource Library. If there are any questions that you think should be added to this list please suggest them by going to Your Feedback.

1. How do I find content for my class in the Library?

a. When you click on the Learning Resources in the website menu, you will see a list of grades. b. When you click on the grade that you are looking for you will see the subjects that are available for that grade. c. Clicking on the subject will take you to the education resources which are listed in Units. d. Click on the Unit the you are looking for and the education resources for that unit will appear, categorised in sub units. e. Within the sub units you will find links to the education resources, aligned with learning outcomes and the resource type.

2. Where does the content in the Library come from?

The content in the Library comes from a wide range of sites on the internet that have been made publicly available by a wide variety of organisations. By clicking on the links, you are going to sites that exist outside of the library. Some of these sites may collect information from you when you visit them. You should not provide any information to them that you are not comfortable to publicly share.

3. How has the content that is included in the Library been selected?

The links that appear in the Library have been researched by Masters students at the University of Waterloo in Canada. After evaluating the links found the students have submitted them to Teachers Without Frontiers in Pakistan, who have reviewed them. The links that appear in the Library have been approved by TWF as being appropriate for teachers and students in Pakistan.

4. I have ideas for how the Library might be improved. How can I communicate them to you?

We have included Your Feedback survey in the Library which allows you to submit your ideas for improvement to us. We consider every idea that is submitted very carefully. Some we will be able to implement quickly, while others may need to wait until major changes to the Library are made. Others we may consider and decide are not in line with our plans for the library. Thank you for taking the time to submit your ideas to us.

5. What should I do if I believe any of the content is inappropriate and should be removed from the Library?

It is important to us that the Library be open to everyone who may benefit from it and so the resources are evaluated to ensure that they are suitable for the unit that they are associated with. If you see any content in the Library that you think is offensive or inappropriate in any way, please let us know through the Your Feedback form. We will review your concern and, if we consider it necessary, remove or amend it.

6. The subject and/or year that I teach is not available in the Library. When will it be added?

We are continuing to work on the Library and new content will continue to be added. Our aim is to have every subject and year in the Pakistan National Curriculum 2006 completed by the end of 2019.

7. What are the plans for the future development of the Library?

Once the Pakistan curriculum has been completed we plan to move on with resources for other countries. We are also looking at how the Library can better provide for teachers and students – your ideas and feedback on the Library will help us to do that.

8. I have found content that I think should be included in the Library. How should I tell you about it?

Please use the Your Feedback survey and we will review your suggestion as soon as we can. Thank you for helping strengthen the Library for its users.

9. I am from an organisation that has ideas for partnering, sponsoring or supporting the site. Who should I contact to discuss this?

We want to collaborate with other organisations that will enable us to create a better Library and make it available to as many teachers and students as possible. Our work with our valued partners helps us to do that and we are keen to further develop these in the future. Please go to the Contact Us page.

10. My school has been using the Library and we think that other schools would benefit from hearing about what we have done. How can I share that with them?

Please share your experiences of using the Library with us and we will feature some of them in the Library. Your experiences will help others in their use of the Library and will also provide ideas for future Library development. Please send us your experiences using the Contact Us page.

11. I am a student and the Library has helped me a lot in my learning. Would you like to know about it?

Yes! We are excited to hear about how the Library has benefitted your education. Send us an email describing your experience/s and we will share some of them publicly in the Library.