General Science Grade 8 Unit 3. Biotechnology

SubunitOutcomesResource LocationResource Type
3.1 BiotechnologyDefinition of Biotechnology Video Text
3.2 DNA ReplicationHow DNA is copied and made and Quiz Video Animation Quiz
3.3 Introduction of Gene into BacteriumDescribe the relationship between DNA, genes and chromosomes
Define bacterium and description
Explain he genes are introduced into a bacterium with video with Quiz,+Recombinant+DNA,+Genetic+EngineeringArticle with video
3.4 Genetic ModificationGenetically Modified Organisms and Video Slides Slides
3.5 Biotechnology Products Saving Lives(Insulin, Vaccines)List some Biotechnolical products used in daily life Slides
3.6 General ApplicationsApplications in Agriculture, Enivronment , Health and Food Production and Preservation and Text Slides Quiz

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