General Knowledge Grade 1 Unit 2 Myself

Sub UnitOutcomesResource LocationResource Type
2.1 Introduction to Myselfi) Describe themselves briefly. Plan Plan
ii) Identify good qualities in themselves (telling the truth; respecting elders, getting up early in the morning). Plan Page
iii) Recognize the good qualities in others.Video Plan
iv) Identify ways in which they are the same and different from others with respect to physical characters and likes and dislikes. Page Plan
Tutorial Plan
v) Verbally narrate information about themselves and their likes and dislikes Page Plan Plan Plan
2.2 My Bodyi) Name major parts of the human body.
ii) Identify functions of various body parts.
iii) Name the five senses.
iv) Identify sensory descriptions of each of the five senses. Plan Plan
2.3 Keeping Oneself Cleani) Identify the ways and means by which they can keep themselves clean.
ii) Recognize the importance of keeping themselves clean.
2.4 My Friends and Familyi) Identify some family members.
Worksheet Page Plan
ii) List their friends at home and school as well.
iii) Narrate the special qualities of some of their friends. Page
Worksheet guide
iv) Recognize that they should respect all family members.
v) List things that their parents did differently in the past from today. Plan
2.5 Games and Rulesi) Name the games they like to play.
ii) Recognize the importance of collaboration by participating in group activities and games. Plan
iii) Recognize the importance of following rules.
iv) Identify the general rules of playing a game.
v) Observe the rules when playing a game.
vi) Understand the importance of playing games and exercise for better healthArtice Plan
Lesson Plan Plan Activities for students to understand fitness answer key activity
2.6 What I Want to Bei) Identify some professions from pictures.
ii) Recognize the role of doctor's and nurses in treating health disorders.
iii) State what they would like to be when they grow up and why.
iv) Gather information from other student in their class regarding what they would like to be when they grow up.Worksheet

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