General Knowledge Grade 1 Unit 5 Our Country

Sub UnitOutcomesResource LocationResource Type
5.1 Pakistani) Recognize the full name of our country.
ii) Draw the flag of Pakistan. Page Plan
iii) Identify what the colours and symbols on the flag represent.
5.2 Schooli) Describe and draw a picture of their school. Page
ii) Identify the people they interact with in school (teachers, students, principal, service providing staff etc). Page
iii) List the activities they engage in at school.
ttps:// Page Page
iv) List the rules they follow in the classroom. Plan Plan
v) Understand why rules are necessary and follow class and school rules. Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan
vi) Recognize that they make different friends in school and these friends can be from different social and religious background. Plan Plan Plan
vii) Recognize that they should respect everyone in their school (teachers, class fellows, service providing staff etc. regardless of their faith ethnicity and social background) Page Plan
viii) Understand the importance of keeping their school clean. Plan Plan
5.3 Prayeri) Recognize that people pray to thank God for His blessings and bounties.
Lesson Plan Plan
Lesson Plan Plan
ii) Recognize that people pray in different ways.Lesson Plan Plan
iii) Name the five prayers that Muslims offer daily.
Tutorial Plan
iv) Recognize - Azan as a call for Namaz.
Lesson Plan Plan
v) Find out about the Mosque/Masjid in their neighbourhood. Page Plan
vi) Inquire about other places of worship in their neighbourhood (church, temple, gurdwara, etc).
Coloring Page Page
vii) Recognize that they should respect all places of worship and all religions.Tutorial
Lesson Plan Plan Plan
5.4 Park/Playgroundi) Identify the need for parks in a neighbourhood (for playing, doing exercise, riding, meeting with friends and other people). Plan Plan Plan
ii) List different things in their neighbourhood park/playground Page
iii) List ways to keep parks/playgrounds clean (don't throw rubbish and don't pluck flowers). Plan Page

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