General Knowledge Grade 1 Unit 6 Getting Around

Sub UnitOutcomesResource LocationResource Type
6.1 Transportationi) Identify the means of transportation which people use in their surroundings.
Game Plan
ii) Differentiate between slow & fast means of transportation in their surroundings.
iii) Identify slow & fast means of transportation from charts and pictures (cycle, aero plane, car etc). Plan Plan
iv) Identify the places where buses and trains stop, aeroplanes land and ships berth
Lesson Plan
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Coloring Page Page Page
v) Describe the activities that take place at a bus stop, station, airport, and harbour.
6.2 Traffic Rulesi) Identify some traffic rules. Plan Plan Page
ii) Identify the safety rules they should follow while walking on the road, crossing a road, traveling by a bus etc. Plan
Lesson Plan
6.3 Good Manners and Habitsi) Greet everyone by saying Salam, Hello, Good Morning etc. Plan Plan
ii) Use please and thank you when asking for and receiving something and sorry for mistake and excuse me to address.
iii) Identify and list various aspects of good character (punctuality, speaking politely, kindness, honesty and truthfulness).
iv) Recognize the importance of telling the truth, being honest, speaking politely being kind etc. to others.
Tutorial Plan
v) Demonstrate the etiquettes of eating (don’t waste food, eat with clean hands, don’t drop food around). Plan
vi) Recite Du'aboth before and after taking meal.
vii) Understand the hazards of eating dirty food from outside their homes.
viii) Recognize the importance of washing food items before eating.

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