General Science Grade 8 Unit 7. Force and Pressure

SubunitOutcomesResource LocationResource Type
7.1 Pressure, Force and AreaDefine the term Pressure
7.2 Units (N/m2 and Pascal)Identify the Units of Pressure
7.3 Hydraulics and Hydraulic SystemExplain Hydraulics & Hydraulic Systems by giving examples & Worksheet Animation
7.4 Water PressureExplain Pressure in Fluids and Its Application Point Point
7.5 Pneumatics (How gases behave under pressure)Explain How Gases Behave Under Pressure Point / Videos Virtual Lab Quiz Point
7.6 Gas Pressure in a containerThe Causes of gas pressure in a container with text with text & Answer n Quiz
Identify the applications of gas pressure & Videos
7.7 AerosolsExplain the working of Aerosols
7.8 Atmospheric PressureDescribe the term Atmospheric Pressure & Activity & video & Videos

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